Convertible / Sunroof Repair

Quality upholstery Since 1977 With Old Time Craftsmanship & Innovative Techniques 

Outstanding Convertible Top Services

Trust Us for Your Convertible Top Service Needs

If you need a new convertible top and a headliner installed or repaired, you can trust Fiber Technology & Design. Our professionals hold 40 years of training and are skilled to handle your various car exterior service needs with ease.

Whether it's repairing hydraulics on convertible tops, seals, and linkages or installing convertible tops and headliners on classic cars, we can do them all. For older cars, we can provide packing services. This fiber material helps to stick the canvas top to the frame. 

Contact us today! We can repair frames and recondition old convertible frames for use on restoration jobs. Powder coating and convertible frame painting services are also available at Fiber Technology & Design.

Sunroof Repair Services That We Can Provide

  • Fixing leaky sunroof 
  • Replacing electric motor
  • Replacing drive cables
  • Adjusting window timing 
FREE estimates available!
Call: 714-847-5547
Warranties are provided on convertible tops that we install. 
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